Kevin Mendes, DDS
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Dr Mendes and the staff are WONDERFUL, I recommend him to everyone. I've had two of my kids treated by him and one in treatment now. The first two have the most amazing, beautiful smiles! - Andrea M.

Dr. Mendes treated me with Invisalign and the result is outstanding. I came to his office after being told my case was too difficult to treat with Invisalign. He assured me he could do it and he delivered! I love to smile and show off my straight teeth! - Thomas H.

Dr. Mendes treated me with accelerated orthodontics. I was done with braces in half the time it would have taken with regular braces. I love my smile. Thanks so much! - Stanley D.

Dr. Mendes and the staff are great. Even with my limited income they were able to come up with a treatment plan that I could afford. - Martha B.

I travel over an hour to get to his office. I was recommended to go to see from a friend who was so happy with how her kids were treated in his office. Even though I considered orthodontists that were closer, it is worth the drive to go to his office. Everyone is so nice, the price is great, and the treatment outstanding! - Olivia R.

My son had Invisalign Teen and loved it. His appointments were quick and easy and he was done in nine months. Everyone there is really nice. - Kathryn M.

Since I started treatment with Dr. Mendes my headaches and TMJ pain have gone away! I had been to so many doctors but had no relief. He was the first who was really able to diagnose my problem and give me relief. - Silvia A.

Dr. Mendes is the best. My daughter was treated by him shortly after we moved to the area. Her older sister was treated by another orthodontist where we lived before. I don’t what he did differently but my youngest daughter’s smile looks so much better and more natural compared to her sister. - Jessica N.